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Kansas Weather

Weather is probably the most common topic among those camping here. The High Plains region of America is known for winds. Although we're not in the heart of tornado alley, many people think of tornadoes when they think of Kansas. Truly, they aren't all that common in our area, but winds are definitely common. Those who don't live in the High Plains of America refer to it as wind, but to us windy is when the flag is straight out and the wind howls.

High Plains Camping is located about 3,055' above sea level, making our night air relatively cool, even in July. Keep a sweater handy.

Awnings are not advised at our campground, and we recommend people use extra security measures on their awnings before they even travel through the High Plains region.

Counties in KansasHigh Plains Camping is in southeast Thomas County, which is in northwest Kansas. Our 'local' weather is broadcast out of Wichita, five hours away. The local channels cover a large territory, meaning they might announce on our TV when storms are brewing which have no impact upon us. Therefore, our guests are provided with a map of all the counties in Kansas. Use the map to determine if you can rest easily or if you need to heed the warnings as they're announced.

The restrooms and laundry room are always available if you would like to sit out a storm in the main building.

In the office we post the "Sleep Conditions" you can expect that night. Just remember that we live upstairs. Every guest is lightly reminded that if I'm blown away, you're to continue running the park for us! Seriously, we're typically on the property and will know if the power has been knocked out and will immediately take steps to deal with it.

The park's handout points guests to this special weather notice if Mother Nature gets a little ugly. But please ... please ... please remember ... we usually have very nice weather. Storms don't develop overhead all the time. Thousands of my guests are here on warm, sunny, breezy days. We get only 18" of precip a year, so truly relax and know that most likely you won't see rain (let alone a tornado) while you're here.

Click for some blogs relating to our weather, which we invite you to read.


Climate - Oakley, Kansas

Average high in °F 40 46 54 64 73 86 91 89 80 68 51 42
Average low in °F 15 19 25 35 46 57 62 60 51 38 25 17
Av. precipitation - inch 0.47 0.51 1.26 1.77 3.27 2.44 3.66 2.52 1.34 1.06 1.02 0.39


Climate Graph - Oakley, Kansas

Climate Oakley

Source: U.S. Climate Data


Winter Camping

The monster snowman of 2007


We do our best to keep High Plains Camping open every day of the year, even when a blanket of snow covers the ground. The picture to the right was taken in 2007, after multiple blizzards. If we could make that snowman during those exhausting weeks then rest assured we know how to make the most out of every camping day!

Usually our ground is totally visible during the winter, but from time to time snow finds its way to us.

Sometimes our region's roads are shut down due to blowing snow.

Weather is simply something you have to plan around when you travel in the winter. But if you travel during winter months, chances are pretty good that you'll find an open pull-thru full-hook-up spot with us (many of our features will be closed but the restrooms, showers, and laundry will be available).


(If needing a spot within the next 48 hours please call 785-672-3538 and we will be happy to make the reservation for you. The system doesn't allow online booking within that time period. So just call and we'll pop you right in) ****If you need a monthly rate please call, we offer a discount rate***




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